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End of the World is a collection of story concepts and illustrations exploring apocalyptic scenarios and their repercussions.

The inception of this project took place during the pandemic—a time when contemplations of the world's end became increasingly prevalent in my thoughts. This led me to explore some story ideas and create illustrations for some of them.

One disclaimer, though: this was my first dive into drawing and storytelling after a few years working in a different field and marked my return as a full-time visual artist/designer.

Among the concepts I developed are:

A Celebration For The End of Everything

This is the story of a group of friends from Rio who confront the destruction of their homes by a devastating tsunami. Their journey, away on vacation at the disaster's onset, takes a turn into uncertainty as they navigate a profoundly changed existence with no homes to return to.

Social Skins

Social Skins is this micro-universe I created to think about the potential future of Augmented Reality. Once AR is fully established, I imagine the existence of physical spaces entirely dedicated to AR experiences. I call them “AR zones”, akin to the Wi-Fi Zones we had in the early 2000s. There, people would engage in social interaction, adorning themselves with digital attire—akin to skins of video game characters, but in real life—while having a whole digitally augmented environment around them to deepen their mixed reality experience.

The Ghosts After

"Ghosts of the End of the World" introduces a post-ecological disaster Earth haunted by spectral presences. This narrative considers the interplay between humanity and the lingering remnants of our ecological footprint, visualized as ghosts that pervade the landscape.

These narratives are creative exercises in illustrated storytelling and a collection of ideas that could each become its own dedicated project. Maybe I'll use this collection as a source for future stories.

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