Scheme in a Can

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Scheme in a Can is an illustrated story about autonomy, cooperation, and the strengthening of music scenes. Written by my dear friend Duda Pedreira as part of a program by Weird Economies, the story revolves around six cultural agents brainstorming inventive solutions for funding their music scene endeavors independently. The aim was to create an engaging way to articulate discussion around alternative economic models in local cultural scenes.

I was responsible for the entire visual narrative, encompassing visual identity, illustrations, and animations. Collaborating closely with Duda Pedreira, we co-developed and programmed the website using Webflow.

One of my major inspirations for this project was traditional illustrated books. This inspiration is evident in the recurring composition that divides the screen horizontally in the middle, resembling a traditional book spread. On top of these basic “spread layouts,” I added transitions and moving parts to create rhythm and add dynamism to the reading experience.

The website's design was based on the Squema Beer visual identity, an in-world element pivotal to the narrative. The 'S' in the Squema logo was designed as a graphic symbol of connection, linking together various facets of the music scene it represented.

Starting with minimal knowledge in web programming, I gained significant expertise in website construction by the project's completion. I am looking forward to building other visual narratives using this format.

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