Toolmakers: The Story of Human Evolution

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Toolmakers: The Story of Human Evolution is an animated video that I am producing as a personal project. As the project is still underway, I have assembled on this page some pieces of the work in progress.

The project's goal is to narrate the story of human evolution in simple terms, thereby making it accessible to a wide audience while still honoring the subject's inherent complexity. My research has been extensive, based solely on academic sources—dozens of them. The final script provides an overview of the significant evolutionary milestones from our last common ancestor with chimpanzees to the rise of Homo sapiens.

The illustrations on this page are part of the visual development for the project.

Homo erectus: Bare and Sweaty

Producing an animation is typically a lengthy process, so I decided to generate shorter pieces of content throughout the production phase. My initial attempt with this strategy was the creation of the short illustrated story, "Homo erectus: Hairless and Sweaty." The story is about a pivotal moment in our evolutionary history: the period when we began hunting large animals. Currently, this story is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

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